Southern rock band from the “Southern shore” of the Ferrara Delta, typically electric in nature.
    The Front Hump Camels propose the style and sounds typical of the South of the United States in the period in which the roots of “Black” music intersected with the “Yankee” ones, giving life to the “Southern” genre.

    The band presents the new album: “SOUTH SIDE” which contains around ten unreleased songs composed in the last two years.
    A journey into the typically southern rock-blues sounds, but seasoned with a wise dose of British sound, to give life to a mix full of energy and passion.

    The “SOUTH SIDE” project also includes among its closest collaborators his friend, well-known folk-blues guitarist and songwriter from Ferrara, Enrico Cipollini, who wanted to be close to FHC with his great experience in musical production.

    Luca Bettoli_VOICE
    Emanuele Sicolo_GUITAR
    Alessandro Zecchi_GUITAR
    Michele Cacciari_BASSO
    Luigi Esposito_DRUMS