Jack is a young guitarist. He received his first acoustic guitar at Christmas as a teenager and never parted with it again!
    In love with the guitar, when he heard Hotel California by the Eagles, he bought his first electric guitar.
    He approaches the instrument under the rock influences of David Gilmour, Jimmy Hendrix and Gary Moore and the blues influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and Mark Knopfler.
    He studies and practices self-taught.
    He founded the Oikonosis Band and was lead guitarist of The Strangers of Venice.
    Passionate about the instrument and its secrets also from the construction side, he designs and builds his electric guitars himself.
    He made his debut on the stage of the Strings Theory Music Camp alongside The Chris Horses Band in the 2019 edition thanks to the Band’s sensitivity towards young talents and, after various successful performances in Venice, he returned to the Strings Theory Music Fest in a duet with the great guitarist Paolo Bacco from The Twisters with Alice Violato.
    Co-founder of the Venetian band DeTiubs, he is co-author of the songs and guitarist of the Band.
    He is the vice president of the Ellen’s Oak cultural association and is part of the Strings Theory staff, dealing with logistics and promotion.