ELLEN’S OAK cultural association.

Her name comes from the union of two strong symbols: Ellen of the Daly counts of Cork (Ireland), wife of Dante, the patriarch of this branch of the House of Marchiori, mother of the family and first lady of this house; united with her, the great oak of the park, the great mother of the garden.

The ELLEN’S OAK cultural association, which is already intersecting with other important national and European realities, has the intention of creating a cultural center in Lendinara for the promotion and development of the territory and is based in the historic residence which is still inhabited today by the Marchiori family of Terlago called “villa Marchiori dei Cappuccini”. The association operates, on the occasion of its events, in the spaces granted to it.
This residence, in the illustrious past of the city of Lendinara, hosted artists, statesmen, historical figures, renowned scientists in residence both due to family relations and friendships, and because the family always aimed to be a mentor to new ideas. such as Tagore, Carducci, D’Annunzio, Jessie White Mario, Alberto Mario, Giovanni Fattori, Giovanni Boldini, Pirandello, De Pisis, Guttuso, Dante Spinotti, Dino Buzzati, Michele Serra, Antonia Arslan, Guglielmo Marconi, Spadolini and many others.

The association aims to pursue the following objectives: musical promotion; musical didactic education; concerts; music festivals; musical historical research; safeguarding, sharing and studying the culture of the territory; cultural promotion of arts and crafts; support and care for artists; cultural events; preservation of the botanical garden of Villa Marchiori dei Cappuccini and its historic Rose Garden; events related to botany, herbalism and holistic disciplines; promotion of the food and wine and agricultural culture of the area; development of knowledge of history; care of the historic residence Villa Marchiori dei Cappuccini as its headquarters with the aim of protecting the historical and cultural memory of Lendinara and the Polesine, as well as the Veneto and national territory; collaboration in the cinematographic and photographic field; film club; research, meetings related to poetry, literature, visual arts, figurative arts, theatre.
Its aim is not to be exclusively cultural dissemination, but the association wants to become a point of reference for the promotion, care of artists, cultural education of young people and the care and dissemination of history, traditions and culture.