Concert for Peace


Mary Gauthier feat Michele Gazich

Rolling Stones magazine compares her to Bob Dylan, but describing Mary Gauthier and her work is not easy because Mary is a poet who sings of peace.

In the centenary commemorating the First World War this is the tribute to peace.

In the United States, soldiers return from wars and the war comes home with them, the “Writing songs with soldiers” association takes care of the care of veterans affected by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, veterans fight at home against the violence experienced during war and often lose… countless suicides. Mary wrote eleven songs with them, giving voice to their pain and their stories and a masterpiece was born, praised by critics as the best American album of 2018 and nominated for the Americana Grammy Awards!

Now Mary travels the world to spread her message of peace accompanied, and we are very proud of it, by a great Italian artist with his violin who, an ancient European voice, crowns this album with poignant atmosphere: Michele Gazich!


Michele is a multifaceted artist, musician, composer, songwriter, producer; he participated in projects at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, he composed music for various films, he has published numerous albums, the latest in chronological order, is an album composed in Venice as part of a project that links the Ca’ Foscari University to other cultural associations and was presented as an absolute preview at the Jewish Museum of Venice.

Author’s music therefore, for an evening of American folk-blues music that brings its message against violence in a world tour that is blowing up the box office all over the world; 5 dates are planned for Italy, we have the honor of presenting the first concert in this villa in the Polesine, in the Po Valley…the theater of times gone by on the front of our wars, never to return.